Second Monday Shanty Sings

Second Monday Shanty Sing

While The Eddies love to sing for audiences large and small, there is a healthy community of pub-singers that get together regularly in the Twin Cities to raise the rafters. Retired Eddie, Phil Platt, was instrumental in starting up this pub singing when he organized the very first shanty sing in living memory here in the Twin Cities back in the fall of 2009. You are invited! If you want, come to The Dubliner on the second Monday of every month to sing sea shanties and related songs!

A typical crowd.
A typical crowd.

When does it start? The sing starts at 7:30. Come when you can and leave when you must. The sing officially ends somewhere around 9:30, but it is not unusual for a few diehards to carry on for a while.

Where is The Dubliner? Southeast corner of Vandalia and University in St. Paul’s Midway Neighborhood. Parking is limited in The Dubliner’s own lot but you can park in the strip mall lot across the street on the west side of Vandalia.

What is the primary purpose of this gathering? Singing sea shanties (and related songs) and drinking. Others may wish to simply drink and listen. There are not too many rules about this. You should understand, this is not a performance event. It is participatory singing. There is a song-herder who recruits people to get up and lead a song. The song should involve the sea, the ocean, fishing, rivers, sailors, boats or … well, water somehow. There should be a chorus for everyone to join in on. Singing with enthusiasm is prized well above singing with pure tones. Please understand, this is a cappella singing. No instruments. The use of song sheets or lyrics is also discouraged.

Do I have to lead a song?  No. There is no requirement. The Shanty Herder may ask you or you can check with him/her. You can be in the back row and sing along on the refrains if you choose.

Who is invited to sing?  Anyone who can sing on key. That really is essential. If you sing off key you will be asked to sing quietly. We don’t aim to be the Robert Shaw Chorale, but we want to enjoy good singing.

Is there food at The Dubliner? Free Popcorn.  And, a simple menu of good food that will keep you happy.

You can “Find us on Facebook” if you are so inclined. Search for “Monday Night Shanty Sing”.

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