Contact Us


Sorry to say, but as happens in the interweb world eventually, the automated robot messengers have landed in our little corner of the digital world and are bombarding our e-mail inbox with all manner of nasty and unwanted trash. We are not very tech savvy and the only fix we could come up with was to eliminate this “contact us” link to our e-mail in the hopes that this will stop the tsunami. We understand that if you want to reach us and don’t know (or remember) how to do that already, this will create a big obstacle. Here is what we suggest: you can either do some checking up and see if you can find someone in the Twin Cities that knows (or remembers) how to reach us; OR you can search for The Eddies on Facebook (yeah, we know … Facebook. But we do have a page there) and try to reach us that way. We thank you for trying and we wish you the best of luck. Even more importantly, take care and be well!