Upcoming Gigs

Covid Is Not In The Past
As much as we have hoped and hoped, the world (and our little corner of Minnesota too) are not finished with the Covid times. Still, we have found some limited opportunities for singing. We sang at a very successful, outdoors, Irish Fair in August for rather large crowds in the pub tent. It was a real pleasure. We have a handful of small, private, gigs coming up which will keep us in singing shape in the near term. And, we have a couple of public performances to mention; one for sure and one dependent on Covid events. Stay tuned! We are just watching how this all unfolds.

St. Paul Bike Classic; Sunday Sept 12
Once a year, or so, we get out for morning singing as part of this wonderful St. Paul tradition. This year we will be singing outdoors at the Mississippi River Gorge Overlook rest area on the “Grand Round” route. This overlook is just north of where Highland Parkway intersects with the East River Road. We may start singing as early as 8:00 a.m. These bikers don’t mess around.

Harold’s House Party At The 331 Club; Wednesday December 29
After missing last year’s House Party appearance due to the dark Covid times, we are back on the calendar for the Wednesday between Christmas and New Year’s. The Party starts with a live appearance on Harold’s radio show on KFAI and, then, two sets at the 331 Club in Northeast Minneapolis starting at 7:00. No cover! As excited as we are to be getting up on the 331 stage, we can’t predict the future and we sure can’t predict what version of Covid times we will be in at the end of December. We will keep you posted if there are any changes but are hoping to see you there!