About The Eddies

Who Are The Eddies?

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The Eddies are on a mission to bring harmony, smiles and musical entertainment to anyone willing to spend some time with us. We perform a mix of traditional, roots, soulful and whimsical songs sung with four voices, in our patented three and a half part harmonies. We sing unaccompanied on many songs but bring a guitar and an accordion to bear when the song wants it. If you come to hear us sing you will hear songs of work, love and death.

The Eddies used to be a book club. At one time, we all lived on St. Paul’s West Side and got together once a month at a bar. We had a club song or two that we would sing. When we realized that singing was what we had to do, we became a singing group. That was in 1998. Yep. Many of us are now past the age of 60. But we are still the hardest working, Americana singing, mostly a cappella musical group you are likely to find on the banks of the Mississippi River. We would love to sing for you sometime.

People sometime ask us if any of us are named Eddie. The answer is no. Our name comes from the fact that during the time that the weather permits, we meet once a week on the Mississippi River to sing and contemplate issues ranging from global, to national, to local to personal. And we will have a beer or two. On the River, we have always been fascinated by the eddies in the water — you know, the currents that run counter to the main stream. That’s us. !

Who are these guys?

Cherokee Smith

Curtice Belvidere

Wabasha Levee

Wyoming Brown